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Available in permanent or reusable models, roof anchors provide an anchor point for personal fall arrest systems on roofs for maintenance work, repair, and new construction.

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Length: 110.000 MM (4.331 IN)
Width: 90.000 MM (3.543 IN)
Height: 80.000 MM (3.150 IN)
Weight: 1.000 KG (2.205 LB)
Color: GRAY
Markets: Construction, Oil & Gas, Utilities, General Industry, Mining
Applications: Working at Heights
  • Permanent Roof Anchor - 2”x4”
  • Permanent Roof Anchor - 2”x6”
  • Permanent Roof Anchor - 2”x8”
  • Permanent Roof Anchor - 2”x10”
  • Permanent Roof Anchor - 2”x12”
Workman Reusable Roof Anchor
  • Material: steel with galvanized plating.
  • Capacity is one person with a combined weight not to exceed 400 lbs (181kg) including weight of the user + clothing + other user-borne objects.
  • When used as part of a personal fall arrest system, fall arresting forces must not exceed 1.800 lbf (8 kN).
  • Length (overall) is 18.4 in (46.7cm), width 3.0 in (7.6cm), height 2.9 in (7.4 cm). Net weight is 2.16 lb (0.98 kg).

Workman Reusable Roof Anchor

Permanent Roof Anchor